The project’s builder, Tru-Form Construction, worked closely with well-known fabricator Windows By Design, to achieve a fantastic outcome for both the client and the architect. In fact, the team and client were so happy with the outcome that the home was submitted for a 2015 Master Builders Association Victoria (MBAV) Award which showcases exceptional craftsmanship and a commitment to building excellence.

The brief was to design and build a luxurious two-bedroom home with a hotel feel and a seamless flow between the interior and exterior spaces. To achieve this, the sills were recessed into the polished concrete slab to create an indoor/outdoor area between the modern kitchen, courtyard and living rooms on the ground floor.

Without the benefit of a large plot of land, creativity was paramount in order to ensure the residents enjoyed a sense of spaciousness and room to breathe. Large expanses of glass encompass almost every plane in the home’s exterior, maximising and extending line of sight and giving the occupants a sense of connection to the outside world. Meanwhile, the clever placement of windows and doors ensures privacy from the street and neighbouring properties.

Products from the AWS Elevate™ commercial window and door range were chosen for the build because of their architectural style, quality of product, and value for money. They also allowed the builder to use large sliding doors and expansive double glazed fixed panels.

The result is a beautiful, stylish property that combines great design with exceptional workmanship and products to achieve a truly wonderful family home in which space, privacy and flow are perfectly balanced.